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September Highlights!

GFWC Florida Fall Board of Directors Meeting - Orlando, FL. Another GFWC Florida Fall Board of Directors Meeting is in the books! The Beach Blanket Bingo weekend offered many valuable workshops and we got some good ideas for our club. We even got [Read More]

August meeting huge success!

Our kickoff meeting for this year was full of information - so many exciting opportunities to help out in our community are on our calendar for this fall. Thanks to all our members who volunteered to chair events, and to participate. Members brought [Read More]

We Don’t Slow Down during the Summer!

MEMBER CALENDAR & VOLUNTEER EVENTS 6/17 Skate for Hope  We will be manning the table for them during the event. Currently all spots are full. 6/21   First Summer Luncheon 12:00   Member/Guest luncheon at Hoosiers Grill.  Keep an eye out for [Read More]